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Our approach yields failproof recipes and reliable reviews

Teamwork and a commitment to quality are baked into our collective DNA, whether we're testing ways to roast the perfect turkey or evaluating brands of olive oil.

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1. Listen and Learn

Our 50+ test cooks and editors survey home cooks like you to determine what recipes to develop. We also travel the country to learn from local experts and discover what's new.

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2. Research First

Our recipe developers blend exhaustive research with the collective cooking knowledge of their test kitchen colleagues to inform their testing roadmap.

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3. Test Again and Again

We rely on the scientific method to investigate every variable in a recipe, making a dish dozens of times in order to get it right. We want our recipes to be reliable, delicious, and accessible.

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4. Survey and Publish

Home cooks provide feedback on our working recipes. This feedback helps us know when an in-progress recipe is ready to be published and ensures that our recipes will work for you!

Three brands, one passionate team

At America’s Test Kitchen—and our brands Cook’s Illustrated and Cook’s Country—we investigate every aspect of cooking. Recipes. Equipment. Ingredients. Techniques. We ask a lot of questions so that you get reliable recipes and comprehensive cooking info.

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Our award-winning content is everywhere you are

America’s Test Kitchen TV

Since 2001, America's Test Kitchen has been captivating culinary enthusiasts with our unique, scientific approach to cooking. Join us as we perfect classic dishes and uncover trade secrets in our practical, informative cooking show. Learn something new every time you watch.

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America’s Test Kitchen Books

America's Test Kitchen's award-winning cookbooks have been inspiring food enthusiasts since 1999. Merging culinary science with tried-and-true techniques, each book offers tested recipes that guarantee success. Discover the secrets behind your favorite dishes and enjoy failproof cooking with ATK.

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Our expertise is the perfect companion on your cooking journey.

Recipes are not just formulas—they're love letters to food.

Each recipe echoes our passion, precision, and patience. It's our attention to detail and the tiny tweaks and tests that make our recipes truly best in class.

Perfected Classics

Chicken Under a Brick with Herb-Roasted PotatoesShrimp ScampiSkillet-Roasted BroccoliSticky BunsKaraage (Japanese Fried Chicken Thighs)Butter-Basted Fish Fillets with Garlic and ThymeOnion-Braised Beef BrisketSimple Stovetop Macaroni and CheeseBracioleCast Iron Hot Fudge Pudding CakeAlmost No-Knead BreadSkillet-Charred Green Beans with Crispy Sesame Topping

New Favorites

Slow-Roasted Salmon with Chives and LemonVegan Buffalo Cauliflower BitesRed Lentil Soup with Warm SpicesPearl Couscous with Lemon, Mint, Peas, Feta, and Pickled ShallotsAir-Fryer French FriesSpinach and Ricotta Gnudi with Tomato-Butter SauceWhole-Wheat Blueberry MuffinsSlow-Cooker Lemon ChickenSkillet Turkey BurgersCóctel de Camarón (Mexican Shrimp co*cktail)Lemon Cookie BarsCrispy Eggplant Salad with Tomatoes, Herbs, and Fried Shallots

Equipment and ingredients: We help you shop smarter.

The ATK Reviews team relies on rigorous, hands-on testing to determine which products belong in our kitchens and yours.

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Essential Equipment

The Best Stand MixersWhich Coffee Maker Is Right for You?The Best Multipurpose Spray CleanersThe Best Serrated (Bread) KnivesThe Best BlendersThe Best Rolling Pins

Pantry Must-Haves

A Celebration of Soy SauceThe Very Best Olive Oil(Very) Dark Chocolate BarsWhy We Love Kansas City–Style Barbecue SauceThe Wide World of VinegarThe Best Tortilla Chips

Learn something new with discoveries served daily.

Dig deep into the story behind the recipe, learn a clever tip, deepen your knowledge of cooking fundamentals, or find a better way to prep or clean something.

Popular Articles

For Perfectly Tender Chicken Thighs, Overcook ThemWe all know the golden rule of cooking chicken: Don’t overcook it. But dark meat is the exception. Learn why chicken thighs and drumsticks actually become more tender the longer they cook.Mari Levine10 Tiny Tips to Tell If Your Produce Is RipeNot all fruits and vegetables offer easily visible signs that they’re ready to eat. These expert tips will help you pick the freshest produce at the supermarket, every time.Eden FaithfullWhat Does “Medium Speed” on Your Stand Mixer Really Mean?Your batter’s in your stand mixer and the recipe says “mix on medium.” What do you do? Here’s how to handle this and other common stand-mixer conundrums.Lisa McManusThink You Know Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza? Think AgainWe traveled to Chicago to eat pizza and learn from the locals. The first thing we learned: The vast differences between deep-dish pizza and deep-pan pizza.Bryan RoofThe Reason You Shouldn’t Throw Away Your Old Sheet PanIs your baking sheet getting well-worn and old? Don't ditch it just yet. Dull and darkened pans actually brown better than shiny new ones. Our tests reveal why.Hannah CrowleyThe Juiciest Burgers Contain More Than Just BeefA mushroom-beef blend produces succulent patties that drip with savory juices. They’re also kind to your wallet and environmentally prudent. Here’s how we developed the ultimate version of a blended burger.Lan Lam

In-Depth Guides

How to Make an Epic Charcuterie Board for Any OccasionWhat items should you include? How much of each should you plan on per person? Our expert tips will help you put together a balanced board that looks as good as it tastes.Elle and BrennaOur Guide to Storing and Organizing SpicesSpices enhance the flavor and texture of food. In this guide, we cover everything you need to get the most from your spice cabinet, from purchasing to toasting and blooming.Carolyn GrilloHow to Care for Your Wood or Bamboo Cutting BoardWant your board to last a lifetime? Minimize moisture. Here's how to do that, plus how to season (yes, season) and clean your cutting boards to keep them in tip-top shape.Miye BrombergOur Guide to Deep Frying with ConfidenceHere’s something you might not hear enough: Frying is fun! Frying is easy! Learn everything you need to know to treat yourself to deep-fried food and the fun of making it yourself.Liz BomzeA Guide to All-American Regional Hot DogsEach regional hot dog is as diverse as the community that favors it. Learn about the history of hot dogs’ nationwide appeal—plus recipes so you can re-create your favorite versions at home.Jessica and EdenThe Best Induction CookwareHave you been hearing a lot about induction cooking lately? So have we. Induction cooktops are known for their incredible precision and easy cleanup. But to use one, you need the right cookware.The ATK Reviews Team
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Exploring cooking through science & culture

Science and culture, head and heart, and knowledge and wisdom are each two sides of the same coin. Our brands dive into the world of cooking, each with a different lens. Together they provide a complete picture.

Meet Us in the LabLet's Hit the Road

The most important ingredient: you!

It all starts and ends with you. You help us decide which recipes to develop and which ingredients and equipment to test. And you tell us when recipes are ready to be published. The over 40,000 home cooks who test our recipes provide our test cooks and editors with invaluable feedback. Thank you!

Early access to recipes

You'll get 1–2 recipes per month. Test only the ones you want.

Tell us what you think

Are our recipes too spicy? Are we using too many dishes? Did it take too long? You know best!

Make recipes failproof

The recipes we publish are only failproof because of your feedback and notes.

Sign Up to Be a Recipe Tester

Meet the Team

Elle Simone ScottElle is a cast member at America's Test Kitchen and author of the best-selling Boards cookbook. She is an executive editor and food stylist at ATK.Julia Collin DavisonJulia is the co-host of America's Test Kitchen and Cook's Country and the creator and host of Julia at Home on Pluto.Bridget LancasterBridget is the co-host of America's Test Kitchen and Cook's Country.Jack BishopJack is ATK's chief creative officer and the tasting lab expert on America's Test Kitchen and Cook's Country.Adam RiedAdam is an on-screen equipment expert (and original cast member!) on America's Test Kitchen and Cook's Country.Christie MorrisonChristie is ATK's executive editor for video and cooking school and a cast member of Cook's Country.Ashley MooreAshley is a food stylist at ATK, cast member of Cook's Country, and host of Today's Special on YouTube.Antoinette JohnsonAntoinette is the winner of season 1 of America's Test Kitchen: The Next Generation and a cast member of America's Test Kitchen.Erin McMurrerErin is ATK's director of culinary production and a cast member of America's Test Kitchen.Kevin PangKevin is ATK's editorial director for digital, co-host of Hunger Pangs on YouTube, and co-author of A Very Chinese Cookbook.Lisa McManusLisa is an executive editor of ATK Reviews, co-host of Gear Heads on YouTube, and cast member of America's Test Kitchen.Hannah CrowleyHannah is an executive editor of ATK Reviews, co-host of Gear Heads on YouTube, and cast member of America's Test Kitchen.Joe GitterJoe is a senior editor for ATK's books team, cast member of America's Test Kitchen, and host of Joe vs. the Test Kitchen on YouTube.Sam BlockSam is a digital test cook and cast member of America's Test Kitchen. She loves anything pickled, tasteful sarcasm, and a good co*cktail.Carmen DongoCarmen is a test cook on ATK's books team and cast member of America's Test Kitchen. She's a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America.Dan ZuccarelloDan is the executive food editor of ATK's books team. He's a former restaurant chef who joined ATK in 2010 as a test cook.Stephanie PixleyStephanie is the deputy food editor for ATK's books team and a go-to resource for all things baking.Kate ShannonKate is the deputy editor of ATK Reviews. She attended BU's culinary program and worked as both a cheesemonger and line cook.Chase BrightwellChase is an associate editor for ATK Reviews. He's an epidemiologist-turned–equipment tester and a Maine-loving dog dad.Miye BrombergMiye is a senior editor for ATK Reviews. She covers booze, blades, and gadgets of questionable value. Carolyn GrilloCarolyn is a senior editor for ATK Reviews. She's a French-trained baker turned ingredient taster and equipment tester. Sawyer PhillipsSawyer is an assistant digital editor of ATK Reviews. She’s an avid baker who loves making chocolate cakes and researching the history of food.Valerie Sizhe LiValerie is an assistant editor for ATK Reviews. She loves exploring cuisines from around the world and good co*cktail bars.Sarah SandlerSarah is an assistant editor for ATK Reviews. She is deeply passionate about anchovies and bakes sourdough bread weekly.Camila ChaparroCamila is a senior editor on ATK's books team. She has cooked in restaurants and taught recreational cooking classes.Sara MayerSara is a senior editor on ATK's books team. After culinary school, she worked in restaurants and made custom wedding cakes.Olivia CounterOlivia is a test cook for ATK's books team. She's a pastry chef at heart and a big advocate for pearl sugar and tinned fish.José MaldonadoJosé is a test cook for ATK's books team. He's cooked across the country, from fine-dining restaurants in NYC to sustainable farms in Hawaii.Laila IbrahimLaila is a test cook for ATK's books team. She loves fermenting peppers, grilling whole fish, and dipping freshly baked pita in za'atar. David YuDavid is a test cook for ATK's books team. He attended culinary school in London and then cooked in restaurants across the United States.Mari LevineMari is ATK's executive editor for digital. She's a culinary school graduate, an avid home cook, and a proud pop culture enthusiast.Caren WhiteCaren is an assistant editor for digital at ATK. After completing her MBA, she left the legal field and returned to her culinary roots. Eden FaithfullEden is an assistant editor for digital at ATK. A reality TV producer turned food writer, Eden loves baking treats for her elderly blind dog.Brenna DonovanBrenna is a digital editor at ATK. A breakfast enthusiast and native upstate New Yorker, she always has a bottle of Frank's RedHot within reach.Emily RahravanEmily is an assistant editor for digital at ATK. She can be found collecting unique hot sauces and vintage church cookbooks.

“Recipes that always, always work.”

- The New York Times

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