£80 Cheap Flights from Toronto to New York (YYZ - NYC) | KAYAK (2024)

The nicest thing I can say about Air Canada is that they are consistent. Consistent delays plagued our trip. We never had one leg of the journey as scheduled.

It would’ve been very helpful to have people directing traffic when we got off the plane at the Toronto airport however, the person who appeared to be having that responsibility was sitting on a chair playing on a cell phone instead of doing their job

Flight was delayed for 3 or 4 hours. Then the plane drove around for 45 minutes without taking off (maybe not Air Canada's fault, but communication could have been better). Then, my bags didn't make it to my destination.

2 hour delay and no one informed us about it. They left us sitting in the plane for an hour and a half without even offering us water.

Not so good. Got seat no 12 e. Squeezed between two people. No entertainment, hard to move around. Did not enjoyed that flight.

when I arrived at the check in counter of Air Canada, they said they dont have the flight number on their system. Lots of typing and I was told its a code share with Delta and need to check in with them. Arrived at the Delta check in and the guy was.... slower than slow. Wiped his key board, loaded the printers, asked where I was going, where I was staying, how long for, do I have an ESTA, what do I have in my luggage. At the slowest pace possible, whilst cleaning his glasses. Finally he has no more questions and prints the boarding pass and here things get interesting. Oh he says, I am surprised they are letting you on the flight? How do you mean? Well its 55 minutes before take off and they usually shut the gate 60 minutes before take off. I checked afterwards, I was talking to him for 12 minutes. Its as if he was delaying my check in on purpose....

Flight delayed, Poor communication. Uncomfortable/cramped gate area. Insistence by AC staff that our carry-on bags had to be checked due to allegedly small size of overhead bins (not true, as we saw when we boarded). Awful-tasting snacks.

Late departure, gate changed, gate far from the arrival point, seat belt signs on the entire flight, poor experience going through customs (will be filing a complaint regarding this item. Passenger was segregated for no reason on a security check. Check did not find anything wrong, broke lock attached to luggage, didn't allow the passenger to call the other passenger to open the luggage whom it belonged to for the code until after they broke external lock, & threatened them with trouble if brought anything in again).

Small commuter plane but relatively comfortable. Seats are old, Crew was courteous.

It was great. They always say active military, may board early. What happened to the career military that retired with decades of service. Besides that always great experience.

flight was okay, no wifi, no free drinks but worst of all they lost my son's bike for four days. Customer service was nonexistent - call a number that leaves you on perpetual hold, there's no baggage folks in the baggage claims area (in vancouver). we went up to international and nobody was at ticketing, went to domestic and they had us fill out a form. they could not tell us where the bag was. Anyway, highly recommend you drop an airtag for anything that's worth more than $500. My son's bike costs a lot more than that to replace; I was on pins and needles for four days.

The crew of this flight, specially the flight attendant in the front were the sweetest I’ve had in all my life, I genuinely hope they get a race or sum cuz of their efforts. It was just quite unsettling that the flight took so long to departure. It was supposed to leave at 10:35pm and we ended up taking off at 11:22pm…👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

It’s bare bones but was on time so can’t complain.

Of all the countries I've flown to and airlines from around the world, I have never had such a dismissive an arrogant employee during boarding. After waiting in line for 20 minutes to board, I was sent to a second line for Passport verification. Natalie from Flair, repeatedly tried to scan my passport which didn't work for some reason but was too lazy to input my information manually. Bar code scanners aren't 100% reliable as we all know. She asked me my birthdate 3 times, made me wait to be the last person aboard and then smugly threatened me that my only bag could be charged for (same backpack I used as on my arrival as carry on). Natalie working in Ft. Lauderdale and the was the epitome of lobotomized tiktok brain with the charm of junk mail.

Food selection is very poor and sears are very uncomfortable.

Flight was 3 hrs late and another 2 hrs wait for baggage to arrive on carousel and a $7.00 food voucher that arrived as we were boarding our flight.

Seat rows so close together no one dares to put their seats back. Knees pressed against the seat in front, had to find a position putting my legs under the seat in front. But for 6 hours keeping that one position was ridiculous. All savings on the purchase price are taken back through charge backs for luggage $200 each way, Seat selection $44 per seat or you are seated by a computer randomly. Wife sat 5 rows away. Would avoid Flair in the future

The flight was safe (priority). Everything else is low-cost: too hard, delays, mediocre boarding, cost for carry-on and checked luggage.

Flair flight was 4 hours late due to not having a crew and the plane was filthy. Just water service Terrible experience flight 1513

Flair did not notify you when they changed gate number!

£80 Cheap Flights from Toronto to New York (YYZ - NYC) | KAYAK (2024)


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